What I Haven’t Been Doing All These Years

Almost 10 years ago I bought this domain name. What started as a personal blog with ridiculous videos that me and my roommate Dustin would record, would eventually die a necessary death and simply become a mirror url to my current photography portfolio.

My life has changed a lot since then. Though what I haven’t done since then is what I’d like to write about tonight. Anyone who has lived in, or traveled within a 50 mile radius of Austin, Texas has inveitably been told that they “have to ___________” while they are here. Rather than bore you by talking about my dogs and home renovation (which you can totally find out about on my Instagram), I’d like to list the “Austin Must-Do Things” that I never did, yet against all odds have lived happily without. I’ll even list it out in a format that the internet loves nowadays. I present to you, the 10 Things You Don’t HAVE To Do In Austin.

1. Stand In Line For Franklin La BBQ John Mueller Meat Co BBQ Of Any Kind
2. Take a picture in front of the “I love you so much” wall
3. Been to Black Swan Yoga
4. Drank a Purple Margarita from Baby A’s
5. Been to Hamilton Pool
6. Gone night swimming at Barton Springs
7. Made out with anyone at Mount Bonnell
8. Gone to Hippie Hollow
9. Been to the Cathedral of Junk
10. Figured out the traffic problem

Anyway, with that I’ll kick back off this blog of sorts.